Agency Leader Corporation ALC Management Software

The ideal for Leader
ALC management software is special dedication to the leaders and agents to build their business in insurance industry

What we can do for you?

  • Assist your company be the leader of insurance industry
  • Together accomplish company goal and ambition
  • Motivate team members to boost up the total production
  • Enhance competitiveness and exposure to a new market
  • Improve workflow and reduce human error mistake
  • Drive down processing costs and time consumption
  • Increase flexibility and streamline operations
  • Improve working efficiency


  • Easily monitor and remote software to access your customer data and sales target
  • Ultimate tool for simplifying the maintenance
  • Provide online information to agents

Professional & Expects Development Team

  • Our excellent development team support and consult on your enquiry with their experience
  • Provide end-to-end solutions

Customer Service & Technical Support
Our customer service and technical team are ready to assist you

Flexibility Designed System
Create and design ALC software to improve your company insurance management solutions
Powerful tools to evaluate risk and calculate premium fast and accurately

Strong Clients Background
We are proud to present our strong clients background with strongly recommended